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This site includes raw funding data back to 2008 for more than 180 federal programs that benefit Americans age 18 or younger. To find information about specific programs, enter search criteria in the form below.

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You can search for data on one or more of the 180 programs for which we have funding data by entering criteria in the form at left.

Each program is associated with one of eight broad categories so that you can view funding data by aggregate. You can also search for programs by the federal department charged with administering them.

You can limit your search by funding type. There are two types of federal spending: mandatory and discretionary. Mandatory spending makes up roughly two-thirds of the federal budget and consists of entitlement programs with eligibility rules. Congress decides on funding levels for discretionary programs each year during the appropriations process.

If you'd like to access programs that were created or discontinued during a specific period of time, select a range of time and either "new programs" or "cut programs." You may also search by funding amount in dollar terms over a specific period of time.